A pair of Modernist Chrome Bookends, custom made for the Cigarette Component Company Ltd.  Designed with a  rectangular base set with three graduated discs, etched marks, 15cm. high. 

Italian Modern Art Metal Sculpture of a couple dancing on a podium base with a hammered texture.  Circa 1980’s. Standing 62cm tall on a podium stand, this beautiful statue is a real bold statement piece, for any home.  


1960's Cocktail Mixing Set with acrylic and Bakerlite handles. The handles have real pearls and shells set into the acrylic which looks fantasticaly retro! Set comes in original satin lined box and has been completely unused. The set includes a mixing spoon, bottle opener, measurement cups and an olive fork.


1940's Chrome Aeroplane Table Striker/ Lighter mounted on an ebony plinth, in great condition, ideal for a collector. 

(Centre) Orange 'Mushroom' Lamp in Luminous Acrylic. 

Pair of Modern Ceramic Ladies in Monogram. Standing at 45 cm tall.

Available as a pair.


Lladro glazed figurine of 'young love' young couple seated. With stamped base and original marks 'Lladro' Handmade in Spain along with the reference number N8-M and 888. This is an exquisite piece of porcelain in perfect condition standing at approximately 30 cm tall. We also have other pieces of original Lladro in stock. 

Here at Altamira we also have a passion for more upto date pieces. Modern Art is a truly striking and bold way to make a statement in your home. 
Whether is a 1960's silk screen or a modern work of art we have something to suit you style. 
Recognisable with fresh styles and clean angular shapes modern art is the perfect piece for a minimalist or modern home adding an edge of drama to any interior. 
Our stock currently includes some powerful pieces of 

modern art to suit your space and budget. 

This superb piece of Italian pottery by Bigi, is a depiction  of a scantily clad water-carrier. Adorned in a floral wrap skirt and with flowers in her hair she truly is a thing of beauty. 

This stunning piece has been glazed in colour and highlighted in Gilt. Standing at 52 cm tall. 


Stylish and fashionable this 1960's table lamp, designed with an intricate spherical stainless steel base and body standing at 66 cm tall with shade. 

The Shade can be changed to easily suit your home best. 


Original 1960's Valerio Bottin, Designed for Foscarini. Pair of Bubble table lamps. This Chrome metal bubble lamp is a classic and instantly recognisable with a chrome frame and base with satin finished polycarbonate diffusers. This lamp is absolutely stunning and in fantastic condition. These lamps are being sold as a pair.

 The Lamp takes 6, 40 WATT bulbs and stands at 51 cm tall with a diameter of 50 cm. 

Orbit - (WW1)

A ONE OFF Large Sphere Vase, from Dennis Chinaworks. This totally unique piece of functional artwork has been designed by Sally Tuffin and Buchan Dennis, Thrown by Rory McLeod and decorated by Natasha Chapman-Cox . 

This stunning sphere measuring 36 cm has been painted with bands in colours, silver and metal oxide, impressed and painted marks. This piece is totally unique, made in 2016.  

Large mixed media sculptor depicting a couple in an embrace with an ethnic vibe and an abstract styling. The two seated figures entwine with chrome extremities and wood and plaster bodies are hand painted in bold but earthy tones of terracotta and auburn. The piece is in an Art Deco style and was made in the 1980's.  This large piece has a felted bottom and measure approximately 40 cm tall and 40 cm across.