18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Cluster, set a luxurious Oval Cut Ruby and surrounded by Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds and Round Brilliant Diamonds . A stunning modern take on a traditional cluster 


Ruby is an absolutely stunning pink to blood red gemstone from the corundum family, the same gemstone family as sapphire. So like sapphire is boasts fantastic durability for everyday wear with a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness along with incredible luster and a deep rich colour. It is the July birthstone.

18ct White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Half Eternity Ring.

This striking and unusual eternity ring is set with a superb Baguette Cut Diamond and Baguette Sapphires, maybe this is the ring of your dreams? 


Sapphire's are one of the most popular, precious and valuable blue gemstone and part of the Beryl family of Gemstones. It can be found in a huge variation of colours from very dark, almost black to the renowned Ceylon sapphires and their famous light blue. It is a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster. It is the September birthstone.

18ct White Gold Diamond Cross, set with 12 Round Brilliant Diamonds . The Beautiful and Traditional piece is a must have for any Jewellery Lover. Is it the piece you are missing?  

18ct White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Ring.

Beautiful Aquamarine and Diamond Cluster set with a 1.75ct flawless Aquamarine surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. Could this take your breath away? 


So Two Tone Gold has made a come back! And if you haven't got any goodies to dig out from the 80's to rock this timeless fashion check out our huge selection of two tone jewellery, or if your feeling brave how about three colour gold? Whether you love Yellow, White or Rose Gold we'll have something in stock to smelt your heart! 

Here at Altamira Jewellery we have a superb selection of Quality New Jewellery, from Plain Wedding Bands to Diamond Solitares and everything in between.

With an impressive range of Silver, 9ct, 18ct Gold and Platinum in store and available to order.  


From Amethyst to Zultanite we have an outstanding selection of coloured gems, in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all styles. Tanzanite has become increasingly popular in recent years, where as more traditional stones such as Ruby are as popular as ever. 

New Diamond and Gemstone Rings 

Sapphire, Diamond, Aquamarine whatever your gemstone of choice we are sure to have something that will take your breath away. Whether you like modern sleek designs of something with a vintage flair we've got the jewellery for you. 


Diamond is by far the most popular, precious and valuable of all gemstone with incredible luster, sparkle and durability, because it is by far the hardest of all the gemstones. While it can be found in a huge variation of colours including Blue, Pink, Black and Yellow, by far the truly colourless stone is the most desirable. It is the April birthstone.

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